• I have a dataset I would like you to review, how do I prepare my data?

    MISCH works collaboratively with SCC. A good summary can be found here

  • I need to learn how to use REDCap
  • Do you have a brochure?

    The MISCH brochure can be found here

  • If I pay for a service why would MISCH academics be on a publication?

    MISCH is a collaborative research support platform where academics are funded for the work they provide.  Aligning with academic collaborative principles, MISCH follows the University of Melbourne Authorship Policy (MPF1181) which states:

    "5 Authorship. Introduction: The outcomes of research may be disseminated in a variety of ways but enduring forms, such as journal articles, are particularly important and to be an author for such a form is meritorious. To be named as an author, a researcher must have made a substantial scholarly contribution to the work and be able to take responsibility for at least that part of the work they contributed. Attribution of authorship depends to some extent on the discipline, but in all cases, authorship must be based on substantial contributions in a combination of:

    • conception and design of the project
    • analysis and interpretation of research data
    • drafting significant parts of the work or critically revising it so as to contribute to the interpretation.

    The right to authorship is not tied to position or profession and does not depend on whether the contribution was paid for or voluntary. It is not enough to have provided materials or routine technical support or to have made the measurements on which the publication is based. Substantial intellectual involvement is required. A person who qualifies as an author must not be included or excluded as an author without their permission. This should be in writing, and include a brief description of their contribution to the work."

    The NHMRC also has guidelines.

  • Do I have a say in who I will work with at MISCH with my successful grant?

    Yes. Lead researchers will always have a say in which statisticans / health economists will be involved in a successful grant application, in particular the analysis stage.

    The statistician who is the CI or AI on the grant application will act in the role of CI or AI similar to any other CI and AI on the grant after the grant is successful. This means that the statistician on the successful grant will be the primary contact person for the duration of the grant and he/she may supervise another statistician within MISCH who will do the analysis.

  • I am a researcher from the MMS, how do I access support?

    The Melbourne Medical School (MMS) has invested in biostatistics support forMISCH. Two new full-time MISCH staff members have been recruited for two years with the first commencing employment in May 2018, and the second starting in November 2018. Researchers with ideas or proposals that have been through departmental or peer review can enter their research information using the MISCH online portal.

  • Why do I need to pay for this work?

    In an 'ideal world' this platform would be part of University Infrastructure and fully funded to provide services (free) to University researchers.

    However at this time, MISCH is partially funded through a University of Melbourne Chancellery fund called the Melbourne Collaborative Research Infrastructure Program. This funding source requires cost recovery with funds reinvested into the platform and the goal to have a fully sustained business unit that does not require University investment.

  • What is the MISCH collaboration agreement?

    The MISCH collaboration agreement is a plain English document that is pivotal to ensure all parties understand the process, needs, costs, and expectations of the collaborative work.  This in principle agreement is required by RIC and has been reviewed by the University lawyers for integrity.