REDCap User Accounts

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Request a REDCap user account

Please note that to be eligible to be hosted on the University's REDCap instance, your study must be a non-commercial, University of Melbourne research project. If the University is not a primary research partner, or if it is but the study ethics agreement requires that the data be controlled by another organisation, then you will need to use a different institution's REDCap instance; our license agreement with the REDCap developers explicitly stipulates this.

Via the online form, you can apply for either a full-access user account (has the ability to create new REDCap projects, remains active indefinitely, granted to University staff members/students/honoraries only) or a limited-access one (cannot create or copy REDCap projects, must have an access expiry date no more than three years from the date of application, can be granted to research collaborators at other institutions and other external staff). Once you have submitted your request and it has been approved, our team will process it within one week.

Alternatively, if you need to create multiple limited-access accounts, you may prefer to fill in the bulk user upload spreadsheet, which allows you to enter the relevant details for as many user accounts as you need. Once you have filled in the spreadsheet, send it to and our team will action it.

Trial user accounts

If you are a University staff member, student, or honorary, but you aren't certain whether REDCap will satisfy your research needs, you may prefer to request one of our trial accounts to experiment with. Trial accounts are full-access accounts that remain active for just two months after they are requested. If you do decide to then create a full-access account of your own, any project(s) you have created using the trial account can be transferred over to your new user.

To request access to a trial account, email